Monday, June 1, 2009

Frankie and Barb Coming to Visit

We are pleased to be welcoming Barbara Techel and Frankie the Walk and Roll Dog to our first interview as part of her virtual blog tour on June 8th. The author will discuss how her little dachshund Frankie has overcome paralysis to inspire others and continues to live a full and happy life. Frankie the Walk and Roll Dog is a beautifully produced picture book and truly deserves the awards it has gathered, including the Dog Writers of America Merial Human-Animal Bond Award and the 2008 National Best Book Award (soft cover picture book).

Frankie is truly the life changing dog for Barbara and an inspiration to so many. Today, they tour both the virtual and real worlds speaking on several topics:
  • Teaching adults and children about compassion
  • Helping readers overcome difficulties
  • Providing encouragement to children with disabilities and their families
  • Helping people see their challenges as an opportunity to grow
  • Showing animals that animals with disabilities can still be a service to the community
  • Helping owners and veterinarians understand paralysis in Dachsies and that a wheelchair is a viable option.
It has been a delight to find such an inspiring message filled with the human animal bond. Frankie the Walk and Roll Dog is a must read for parents whether or not challenges have touched yours or your children's lives. Such difficulties as Frankie and Barb have met will be encountered in each child's life and empathy for others is a quality our society deeply needs.

We were flattered to be asked to be part of Barb's virtual tour and hope that you will all welcome her to Children's Dog Books and Reviews.

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  1. Frankie's book is a multiple prize winner for good reason...her story teaches, entertains and inspires children and dog lovers.
    Robert McCarty
    Barking Planet Productions