Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Elevator Pitch

Let me try a little something-something on you. Whether it's an epic saga, or children's picture book, every book proposal needs to have an "elevator pitch (EP)." That is the "grab 'em while you got 'em" description of your book you are able to give an editor or agent in the 30 seconds or less that you might corral them alone in an elevator.  

Turn a book cover over and you'll often find a typical EP just above the excerpts from the NY Times or Washington Post reviews touting this book as the greatest thing to come along since Ol'Yeller. My guess is if a writer has a really good EP, it should be able to go pretty much as is straight to the back flap. Good EPs should make you want to go online to Amazon or Borders and hit Add to Cart. Really great EPS will make you frustrated at your download speed and mutter, "Hurry up!" at your laptop.

So, how does a writer find just the right EP that will grab a reader and become the basis for Twitter, Facebook and media kits? Well, you write and tweak, put it away for a bit, come back and tweak a few more times. Once you think you've got the EP of your dreams, you try it out on those friends who are honest enough not to love everything you write. That's where we come to all of you. Here is my EP for the chapter book I've written called Brenna Finds a Job.

Every border collie wants a job. Actually, this energetic breed wants about forty jobs. Brenna Finds a Job traces what could be any rescue dog's last day in her first home. She is surrendered to Border Collie Rescue and adopted by third grade teacher Rose. But, Brenna needs to believe in herself before she can be successful. With Rose's love, training and a little patience, Brenna finds faith in herself, unconditional love, a job and her forever home.

Ummm.... Needs to be punched up? Not enough info? Scrap this one and start over? Want me to get a darned contract and get this book into the stores? How about some feedback folks! I'd be indebted to anyone who just signs on and gives me an opinion. Thanks, y'all.

Still working...Charlotte

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  1. This is a great idea to pitch on your blog.
    Now to your pitch. I think it is a little long. I think you could streamline some of the sentences together, make it tighter. For instance, Brenna, an energetic border collie wants a job. That's just my opinion.

    I'm following your blog, maybe you could pop over and follow mine.