Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The Adventures of Sniffy Doo Da: Training Day

Title: The Adventures of Sniffy Doo Da: Training Day
Author: Pam Kimba
Illustrator: Pam Kimba
Publisher: Krok Publishing
Genre: Fiction - Picture Book
Ages: unknown
Rating: 4 paws out of 5
Available on Kindle at: www.amazon.com 

Synopsis: Best friend poodles Sniffy Doo Da and Loopy Doo Da take a walk and stumble upon an agility dog training facility in the middle of town. They drop in and try the dog walk, tire, jumps and more. 

The Trainer Reads: This is a delightful little book to read to a child, or take along to an agility trial, or doggy day care and compare the adventures of Sniffy Doo Da and Loopy Doo Da to the actual events. If you compete in dog sports, this is keeper of a childrens dog book for the shelf.

The Mom Reads: As illustrator, Pam Kimba has a distinctive style that compares with the Madeleine series we all loved as kids. Sniffy Doo Da and Loopy Doo Da are characters developed from her own dogs, Shanelle and Cocoa. It has a light and happy feel, no anxiety or potential disaster, just two dogs out for a happy time. This is one book you can be assured is fine for a bed time read. 

The Writer Reads: The age appropriate language is my only concern. This book might take a fairly advanced reader, or some help sounding out words until they are learned. As an SP book series, it’s quite good. We recommend with a hearty 4 paws out of 5.

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